Welcome to Fanfiction Friday! I am your host MrsDanafox. As the name implies, each Friday I am going to recommend to you the best Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark (Sansan for you newbies) fanfiction to read and the reasons why I have chosen it.

I have been reading fanfiction for the better part of 20 years (The X-Files, remember that show?), so I have read the full spectrum of stories — from world changing to moderately entertaining to absolutely awful. I am fairly new to the Sansan community, having only started reading about one year ago. What my years of experience can tell you is that the Sansan community contains an embarrassment of riches! The writing quality, dedication and caliber of storytelling is stunning.

If you are new to fanfiction, I hope you will give it a try and join me as I reread some of my favorite stories. Don’t forget to leave me some comments either here or over on Instagram. If you are a seasoned veteran, I look forward to seeing if you agree with me or not (and welcome your suggestions). Finally, if you aren’t familiar with the Sandor/Sansa pairing and are wigged out by the concept…I get it, so heed the warnings and ratings of each story to ensure your level of comfort.


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“True Knight” by LadyofAlderaan

Last week I suggested you take a look at “Fallen Warrior” by Zurick23M. This week I highly recommend you watch this beautiful video made by LadyofAleraan. She is also a huge inspiration to me when I am making videos. Her video is so ethereal and whimsical and the way she uses voiceovers is so unique by pulling text from other characters to enhance her story. Trust me, this is stunning!!

Here is what she has to say about Sansan:

“What I love about George Martin’s work is how he completely flips character tropes on the head. Take our beloved Hound; regarded an unworthy savage dog, who defends the weak, protects women, and hates the injustice of his world, against the Kingsguard; glorified knights in title, who have no compassion for the poor, beat girls upon command, and boast about their acts. The one who isn’t a Ser in title is the true knight in the series. I love the very different bonds Sandor has with both of the Stark girls and the one thing the show really cut back on was the deeper relationship that he and Sansa shared in the books. I wanted to show that somewhat in this video. Hopefully we get more with a reunion between him and both Starks in season 7!”

“In Plain Sight” by dawntreader

“In Plain Sight” by dawntreader

Why I picked this story:

  • New author!
  • Modern, alternate universe
  • Unique, Witty and Unbelievably Clever
  • Beautifully Crafted and Compelling
  • Humor and Angst

In Plain Sight“Blackwater” by Anathematixs

Author Summary: “Alayne Stone has carefully constructed a new world for herself in Saltpans, Riverlands. But everything crumbles — her life, her mind, her heart — when Sansa Stark’s past walks into her little café.”


“Alayne Stone befriends a blind, old dog.”


If you’re interested in mysterious disappearances, a deadly drug called “Winter”, the Blackfish’s interior design choices, several conspiracies, law enforcement in modern!Westeros, Gendry’s girlfriend’s other boyfriend, a baby called Tyrion of Tarth, dungeons and daring escapes, and two clueless idiots who are madly in love with each other… maybe you should read this.

My Summary: Our community is blessed again this week to be welcoming another new Sansan author, dawntreader, into the fold! Her inaugural fic completely took me by surprise in the best way possible. Her characters are realistic and her world building is beyond spectacular. It truly is an astonishing feat when an author is able to take established characters from a “historical” setting, plop them into a modern setting and still craft a new world we haven’t seen before. While her Sandor is authentic, it is her portrayal of Sansa that truly stands out! The confusion and dichotomy between Sansa and Alayne has never been written better. I am waiting on pins and needles for the sequel, In the Blink of an Eye, to be completed!

See you next Friday! ♥ MrsDanaFox