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Welcome to Fanfiction Friday! I am your host MrsDanafox. As the name implies, each Friday I am going to recommend to you the best Sandor Clegane/Sansa Stark (Sansan for you newbies) fanfiction to read and the reasons why I have chosen it.

I have been reading fanfiction for the better part of 20 years (The X-Files, remember that show?), so I have read the full spectrum of stories — from world changing to moderately entertaining to absolutely awful. I am fairly new to the Sansan community, having only started reading about one year ago. What my years of experience can tell you is that the Sansan community contains an embarrassment of riches! The writing quality, dedication and caliber of storytelling is stunning.

If you are new to fanfiction, I hope you will give it a try and join me as I reread some of my favorite stories. Don’t forget to leave me some comments either here or over on Instagram. If you are a seasoned veteran, I look forward to seeing if you agree with me or not (and welcome your suggestions). Finally, if you aren’t familiar with the Sandor/Sansa pairing and are wigged out by the concept…I get it, so heed the warnings and ratings of each story to ensure your level of comfort.

Happy Birthday Rory!

Wishing our favorite sexy Scotsman a very Happy 49th Birthday!

In honor of this special day I have a huge announcement! It is with great pleasure that I announce a brand new website! Go check out “The Rory Repository” for all your Rory needs. It is my hope that it will be the most comprehensive and easily referenced place to find all things Rory! Don’t worry, @FanficFriday isn’t going anywhere but a little rebranding will be happening shortly. Also expect to see a presence on Twitter and other social media platforms in the near future. Thank you to all of you who have supported me and who encouraged me to take this to the next level!

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 birthdayPhoto Credit: CastleMcQuade

“A Rather Serious Design Flaw” by headcannonball

A Rather Serious Design Flaw by 

Why I picked this story:

  • PWP
  • Future Fic
  • Rough Sex

A Rather Serious Design FlawPhoto Credit: Crystal Sully

Author Summary: A future smut fic I wrote for the Sansa Sandor LJ community’s Comment Fic Meme No. 2. The prompt was: “Fully naked Sansa being petted/fondled/fucked by fully clothed Sandor. Bonus points if Sandor is in armor.” World details are vague so feel free to fill in your own headcanon, but Sansa is Queen in the North and Sandor is a commander of her guardsmen in some way.

My Summary: Recommending this fic based on some comments left over on Instagram and the general obsession of the Hound’s Harem with his armor.

See you next Friday! ♥ MrsDanaFox